* Equity Research Informational *

So I have a few equity research informational interviews scheduled for this week. They’re with sell side analysts. What are questions I should be asking? This is what I have been thinking:

  • How do you conduct prioprietary research?

  • What type of research is required? Is it fundamental, top down etc?

  • What is the general career progression like at your bank and how long does it take before someone starts covering their own stocks? Will I be allowed to cover peripheral stocks in the sector that I join within a year?

  • To what extent do you attend road shows?

What are your thoughts on the questions above? What else should I be asking?

Also: What should I know about the research department at their bank? What sort of research should I be doing on that? Obviously what sectors they cover and how the department is structured. What else?

I would like the discussion to revolve around career-related issues as well as their bank. I would like to stay away from heavy-duty technical questions and details in their specific sector.

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer!

ariel, are you just graduating from school or still in school?

2nd year MBA, graduating in May. Top 10-15 school in the US.

i feel for an mba student those are questions that you should know the anwers to already

wall street oasis may be a better forum to do your research for this.

remember to ask for 3 contacts at the end of the meeting and do a follow up email!

good luck!

thanks for your help, frankz888