Equity Research

Assuming that you have a decent job in the industry… Would you take an equity analyst position at a firm whose funds are consistantly in the bottom quartile? Or would you pass on the opportunity to hold out for a position at a firm with a stronger track record? On the one hand, you would have the opportunity to actively participate in a potential turn around situation. But on the other hand, you could potentially would be learning from a PM whose process is deeply flawed or isnt as “sharp” as the compitition.

I say it depends on what you want to do long-term and also how fast you want to do get there. What’s your current job title? If your job responsibilities aren’t too far off from an Eq Analyst I say stay in your current position if you realistically think you can land an analyst gig at a better company. But, from what I understand these opps don’t come easily so be willing to search for up to a year.

I would agree with TP. If you believe that the company has basically hit rock bottom and is looking to clean house and you can contribute to the research process and help the firm get into the top two quartiles as part of a broader re-building plan, then you are well advised to join. If you think this is a sinking ship, then I would recommend that you pass. willy