equity research

Hi, I have just completed my graduation. Im interested in writing equity research reports, but i dont know how to stat at all. Could anyone please help me and tell me how to start from scratch. Preferably equity research reports on pharmaceuticals and logistics. Please do help . Thanks in advance

What language do you plan on writing these in?

Edupristine says:

You should write reports from scratch that show your value in equity research. Pharmaceutical reports will cover pharmaceutical companies. Be sure to start with an introduction and end with an ending, sequentially in that order.

good question.

Not that i care like but this is ironic considering America butchered the language in the first place.

I’d be interested in knowing if your 150k of undergrad education will help you in pointing out his mistakes.



greenie is on a roll

There are tons of free sample reports and industry primers available, just google.

Or do you want specific guidance regarding modeling of operating drivers (revenue/cost) rather than contents of report?


man, I’m really liking the vibe here lately.

Probably not, But I was curious which language would be used.

English sir. Thank you