Equus now the Genesis G90

Just read an article announcing: “Luxury car brand Genesis named title sponsor of PGA TOUR event in Los Angeles”. Turns out Genesis is now the luxury brand of Hyundai. The Hyundai Equus now becomes the Genesis G90 and the Hyundai Genesis now becomes the Genesis G80. A G70 will be unveiled soon as well.

Lexus, Acura, and Infinity have all worked out fairly well for the Japanese auto makers. What think you all of Hyundai’s move?

I think it’s a good move, not revolutionary, just following the pack. I guess the Genesis and Equus has been working out for them (I’ve never been a fan, styling is too blah)

not to get off topic but if y’all want to see what a sedan should look like, look up the leaked Porsche Panamera *breathes heavily* that car doesn’t have to be the official car of anything.

Porsche Panamera sucks

^Take that!

Not the old Panamera, the new one that will debut tonight.


I was in Korea a few months back and I must say the Gensis is a beautiful car. Every Gensis I saw was in black so I don’t have a lot to compare.

^^ http://www.autoblog.com/2016/06/23/2017-porsche-panamera-leaked-images/

Lexus seems to be doing ok. RX is like the #1 luxury crossover. I don’t know why their styling has become like Alien vs Predator lately though. Also, they need a new V6. Their technology is still 10 years behind Germans. They spend money on extra secure engine mounts and stuff like that, not R&D.

Honda is under invested in Acura. They just have a few people in Ohio or something doing the engineering. So every Acura is basically just a rebadge/upmarketed Honda (which is not wrong - some people want that).

Not sure why Infiniti never took off. I think it’s something to do with them selling essentially muscle cars, which only US people like. Now they are rebadging small Mercedes models, which I think will broaden their appeal.

Equus brand was dead in the western world since that Harry Potter guy associated it with horse dick. It’s better that they change name.

Thanks. Better. Still looks a little constipated.

Would pick up a F-Pace today if the diesel was sold here.

I thought the f pace was available in the us with diesel or will be?

did u drive a honda civic when you were younger?

I think Equus would have ended up like the phaeton if they didn’t break out from Hyundai

^I wish I did. Instead I bought American.

What I find interesting is that they’re making the direct connection with Hyundai by naming the brand Gensis. I remember when Lexus debuted and Toyota went out of its way to not connect the two brands.

Any truth to LuxuryEXportUS?

Quick search. Couldn’t confirm. Only saw article saying no. And only seen gas as of yet. Don’t need or want the HP and fuel economy sucks.

that actually does look a lot better than the old one … they really needed to make the back more aggressive and less odd … looks like they did

^ on their USA website, you can build and price a 20d, diesel

Its called paneMERA?

I have been pronouncing it panorama like an idiot.