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Hello all, I’ve already given the search function a whirl, but I though it would also be nice to get a fresh take on this. I have an interview coming up for an ER associate position. Can someone give me a quick run down of what this interview will be like? This is my first ER interview. Sell-side ER at a BB bank in NY. Quick background on me. I’m at a firm that does business valuation and M&A advisory for private companies. 2+ years exp. Have my CPA and working on CFA level 3. All I really would like to know is what the structure of this thing will be like. What types of questions to expect and what to prepare for. Thanks in advance.

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Good luck brah. There are some great posts out there generally. I don’t have any advice besides do work.

The first interview generally wont be too bad. It will likely be more about fit since ER teams are very small and even if you were a brilliant excel modeler, you have to work well with the small team you have. If you get called back then you have to know your stuff. Could be anything from valuation, to industry specific, to asking you formulas of specific ratios.

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First round interview will tend to follow standard format of talking through your CV, explaining why you want the job and why you think the company should hire you as well as behavioural questions such as ‘what’s you greatest weakness’ or ‘tell me about a time when you showed initiative in your current job’ etc. So far, so standard. In terms of technical questions, I wouldn’t expect much in a first round except for general questions such as ‘recommend a stock you currently like and why’ or ‘what do you think about the economy/budget deficits/euro’ etc.

For me, every ER interview I’ve had has been completely different. Sometimes it will be very informal and other times its been very technical depending on the analyst and shop. I would just make absolutely sure to know the industry that you will be covering and be up to speed on some recent events. Having an opinion doesn’t hurt either. GL

brain teasers, modeling test, earnings write up, pitching stocks are some of the things I’ve seen asked during interviews. I know someone with you exact background that made the jump to ER and was successful. good luck.