ER at JPM, MS, or BofA/Merrill

Looking for any first hand accounts of what its like to work in ER at either JPM, MS, or BofA/Merrill. I know that most of the experience will depend on the analyst you work for and so I’m more curious about what its like to work at one of these firms. There are certain things that are hard to measure coming from a different shop such as how much bureacracy there is, access to resources, corporate culture, etc. Any insights would be appreciated, thanks in advance. For reference I’d be coming from a Canadian Bank and so these shops could be materially different or maybe not?

Search you crazy canuck - there’s a good post on this exact topic if memory serves me correctly. I’d just apply at all of them, I doubt you’ll have to worry about multiple offers and which bank to work for, but if you do you can cross that bridge when you get there.