Erin Burnett getting herself in trouble again

She just announced an interview with a guy named Hunt Ramsbottom but started cracking up when she was saying “Ramsbottom.” They had to cut away to a newsreader because she couldn’t stop laughing. Good sh!t.

hahaha…i wonder what she’s thinking about :wink: was it as awkward as this here?

No, that was pretty funny. Burnett was reading the script and said something like, “Coming up tonight, an interview with Rentech CEO … heheheheh … Hunt …heheheheh … Rams … hehehheh … Ramsbottom … heheheheheh” (screen cuts to Mark Haines who is staring at her, then cuts to the newsreader while she is still laughing).

She is a dish

* waits for youtube link* numi - good one, I hadn’t seen that yet.

Sheppard Smith screw up. . . this is too funny.

There’s an England cricketer called Ryan Sidebottom. When he bowls badly he becomes Frontbottom.

Hahaha…here’s a higher resolution video of the Skinner blooper. It’s hilarious how she gets all flustered. She is pretty hot, though. Glad you guys enjoyed :slight_smile:

here’s another funny one, courtesy of Fox News re: Miss Nevada…hilarious

20 second mark:

Thanks for gettting me started, one minute mark, incredible:

“Leave Lisa alone…”

The video of the sports guy “Boom Goes the Dynamite” is the best of all time. Longer video but will have you in tears by the end of it.

Keep this thread going, LMAO.

The most bizarre comment during overtime of an NCAA football game. He’s lucky the game ends on this next play.

Ha, “Boom Goes the Dynamite” really is the greatest line of all time… someone should copyright that immediately.

In case you ever wondered what noise a seal would make after being shot, watch this clip:

That reminds me of another one. . .

i think Cramer is banging her, u ever see how the two of them flirt

does anyone have this clip from yesterday yet anywhere? After seeing all these other posts I am dying to see what actually happened