ERP Energy Risk Professional

Does anyone know anything about it ??

Its pretty new, and relevant work experience is needed. Since i dont work in that field i havent taken too much interest in it yet; the curriculum looks interesting though (also includes technical issues relevant to energy risk). And i believe they also require continuous education, so you need to keep paying / studying to hold the designation.

Anyone know what year it was started? For some reason it is not stated on the GARP website.

The ERP is a relatively new designation that started in 2009 (to my knowledge). It qualifies risk professionals to know basics about physical and financial energy risk management, with topics ranging from oil/gas, to electricity, nuclear, and renewables.

In my opinion, it’s a great designation for anyone working in energy, as it is relatively new and has the potential to set charterholders apart from others. Energy will become a larger part of companies’ risk portfolios in the future, so this area of risk management is bound to grow. I highly recommend anyone working and/or interested in energy to take the exam.

Let me know if you have any questions about the designation or the exam.