Error 5 in TI BA II plus when calculating I/Y

I have texas instrument BA II plus calculator and when calculating yield to maturity i am getting Error 5 on the screen.

N=4, PMT=3.5, PV= -103.75, FV=100, I/Y=?

Error 5: signs on FV, PV, and NxPMT are identical.

You should also check on how you’ve set P/Y and C/Y.

i did not get an error - when I did input what you have above.

and get 2.5% as the answer…

are you sure you input what you have above?

The problem was with decimal places before it was at 2 places and now i have changed it to 5 and there is no error

I tried it with 2 places and I get 2.50%.

Suggestion Clear TVM before using it. I know I made mistakes because I did not clear the worksheet.

Doesn’t matter if you cleared the worksheet or not. Because you entered four variables, computed one variable, therefore all five variables are entered or calculated. Which makes clearing worksheet a redundant step.

No issues calculating this either.

It’s hard to believe that the number of decimal places would be driving an issue like this, more likely you accidentally forgot to use opposite signs on your in/outflows.

Still, something that I have found really handy is to set the BAII+ to float mode. It’s quite useful to avoid rounding discrepancies in results. If you would like to use this format, the steps to do this are:

2ND > FORMAT (the decimal button)

Input 9 into the DEC= field and press ENTER

please do make it a point to clear your calculator as a general good practice. Otherwise your previous calculations could affect your next calculations, and believe me when I tell you that the CFAI is aware of this, and that wrong answer will be one of your choices. (Since you got an answer that was marked - you will select it, and end up getting the problem wrong).

So rule -> do clear all your work sheets before each fresh calculation - and make this as mechanical an action as you can … do it by default.