Error on Admission Ticket

Dear all,

My partner has noted yesterday an error on her admission ticket for the Dec L1 exam this Saturday. The expiry date of the passport has been entered incorrectly (3 days off).

We have sent an email to the appropriate email address of the CFA Institute, including a signed change form and passport copy. We received an automatic reply that processing such a change usually takes 3-5 BD but might take longer during peak exam time.

As time seems to be very tight, I was wondering if anyone has experience with a last minute change of passport details? WOuld you expect the change to be processed ahead of the exam still?


got mine after 4 working days. if he/she sent it last week then maybe he/she’ll receive it before this saturday.

Thanks, the email was only sent yesterday

Got mine within 24 hours.


If the proctors at the test center happen to turn your partner away at the door, you can always resort to Plan B.


Got the same issue, for 1 day off with the expiration date.

I sent a mail and called them yesterday and I am still without update… I’m about to have a meltdown.

Thanks all. Viper98, any useful info from the call?

For the first call (yesterday), they said me they can’t guarantee it will be updated at time.

For the second call (today), they said me it will be updated at time.

So … no idea, and still no update.

I have heard some people saying that the expiration date error doesn’t prevent you to take the exam, but i suppose it depends on the proctor.

My partners ticket was updated in the meantime. Request sent on Sunday update successfully made on Tuesday. Yours should be fine as well then I guess. Good luck!

Great ! I received my update as well, so about a day and a half of waiting for the update. Thank you for your message.

Hope it can help other candidates : don’t forget to check again passport and ticket information before the exam !!!

Good catch! But either way, you didn’t have to worry about it. I accidentally placed the wrong expiration date (July instead of June) on my ticket. I did not realize until the proctor pointed it out to me right before the test. She advised me to submit a form after the exam. I submitted the form the following day and they changed it easily.

The only issue, I think, would be if your passport is not valid (expired). Otherwise, it’s just an honest mistake.

Yeah I had something like this happen for Level III 5 years ago, the Tuesday before the exam. noticed my passport was different than listed.

They fixed it within 5 hours. They staff more people at this time just for these occurrences I believe. My heart was racing for those 5 hours for sure.