errors on cfai online exam 2 - no spoilers

the first vignette asks the same question twice. i also think their answer is wrong (after reading their explanation) who do i report this to? i feel ripped off.

Dear CFASF1 - Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the online practice test you recently took. We here at the test taking department thank you for your feedback and while we cannot respond to you specifically, you can be assured that we will do everything to make certain the pass rate is below 40% this year. Questions with mistakes are a regular frustration by candidates, but are intended to test your familiarity with the Canidate Body of Knowledge. Based on your results, we can tell you that your ability to find an a question with an error in it still does not excuse you from finding the correct answer. We wish you the best in your preparation. Sincerely, The testing center.

as i expected.

did you take this one yet fasted? ohhhh, it’s a doozy.

Not yet - after scoring a 67% for the last Schweser test I took (Book 6, #2 am & pm), I’ve decided to return to the study cave and re-emerge for practice tests next weekend. I’ll take the CFAI freebee on Saturday - most likely.

me too…hopefully I’ll take a feebie next saturday. Its awesome I’m not the only one not doing it yet. I have yet to do an actual practice exam though — I’ve been doing concept checkers and challenge problems (hope I’ll have enough time to go through all of the exam practices)

the freebie is relatively easy - got 70% on that one but made a few dumb errors so i lost a few points. but this one… oh man. seriously, save this for later.

yeah, i got rocked on this one.

yeah, i got the same errors. I also think there answer was wrong. I was really pissed too b/c it was in the begining so I was starting in the hole.

exactly danhoop. their explanation pretty much said that their choice was wrong. so there i was, in the middle of the first vignette, 2 down, and i was pretty shaken rest of the way because that second vignette did nothing to calm the nerves after the f up. paid 40 bucks for this crap. i’m glad i’m not the only one that thought that this was an error. you can’t confirm because you can’t go back!

i just sent an email to the institute to confirm.

cfasf1, did you get a response from the “institute” yet?

I read a great quote one time: “There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the CFA way.” I have a feeling their answer is along those lines. Basically the CFA has declare pope status in its infallibility.

zero response so far. i got all paranoid after i sent an email. they have my name and candidate number. what if it sounded like i was complaining? i did say i was a bit irritated by the error. swan’s right. you never go against the institute. WHAT WAS I THINKING!! the institute is NEVER wrong, on ANYTHING! um. yeah, no response yet. i will let you know if and when i get one. i’m 90% sure there was an error.

they sent me a response saying they forwarded my email to the appropriate departement and that they will get back to me within 5 business days.

hey cfasf1, You are right, the answer was definitely wrong. I thought I was the only one. And the question was given twice. Also, I think there was an error in the 2nd vignette too. Email me I want to see if you remember what I am talking about in the 2nd vignette

CFAI is not good about getting errata posted promptly (are you listening CFAI?). I sent them a straight forward typo errata (the end of chapter summary had a typo, so it didn’t match the text portion…no room for questioning even). I got the “we’ve forwarded on your email” response, but that was 2 weeks ago and they never posted the errata or got back to me.

rekooh, i have no access to outside email while i’m at work. i will shoot you an email later when i get home… but i would NOT be surprised if there were more mistakes bob, so i shouldn’t expect to see anything, basically. it’s kind of f’d up. that second test is hard enough without starting out in the hole.