Essay Answer Sheets

Just a stupid question… But I have to ask (I did a search, I could not find something relevant) How do these answer sheets look like? Are they just blank papers, with questions printed or something like Schweser answer sheets for old questions?

Hiya, you’re starting to make me panic!

Don’t panic!! I am trying to measure how big I can write. My hand writing is awfull, really awfull. after three days even I cannot read. It becomes more readable when I write bigger. But that way I cannot fit a sentence in the Schweser answer sheet. and also my hand hurts after a paragraph. Arrgghhh… I promise I will stop whining, as soon as I get an answer for this.

I figure I will write bigger so that it will force me to answer more concisely and let the grader know that I couldn’t add anymore because there was simply not enough space.

He he Good tactic!! But you know, my gender prevents me to be brief.

details about the AM session are on the CFAI site, csk had posted the link I think yesteday.