Essay Answer spaces

I noticed on the CFAI sample exams they seem to exclude sheets for writing answers to some of the essay questions. How does this work on the actual exam, do you have page all the way to the back of the booklet to answer some question? Do they CLEARLY state where to write the answer to each quesiton?

this is actually a great question …for the exam there is a great chance that you can end up missing a question due to the constant skipping to and fro…be vigilant

So then are there spaces provided on the actually question for every question, or are we going to be required to page to the back to answer some?

Yeah, this is something I’m likely to screw up. Are there spots for the answers w/o templates?

Use the calculator as a bookmark on the question page , while you write on the answer page , and you can flip back fast to where you were

The actual past morning exams that are available at the CFA site should show you the “look” of the exam. Yes, answer spaces are usually provided.

Will there be spaces to do rough calculation? I remembered for L2, there was hardly space to do calculation. I keep on erasing my workings to create more space.

IIRC, there’s more than enough space to write your answer and to do any necessary calculation. Delineate cleanly to help the grader. Of course if you write in 48pt crayon font, or if you try the calcs 4 entirely different ways before being satisfied, you may be space challenged. In that event you may need to commandeer the back sides of other pages. (Make sure you don’t write on the exam ticket as scratch paper.) Recall that “essays” aren’t wordy prose, but more like ppt bullet format.