Essay format on exam day

I know its going to computer format, but how are test takers going to be expected to answer essay problems. Especially ones with calculations? I have tried to find info on it but haven’t seen any explanation. I am thinking about a problem showing a swap position or something like that where you would need to show direction of payments and what not. I don’t see how this could be done without being very time consuming on a computer. Or what if you were calculating a standard deviation? There is no square root symbol on a keyboard and doing a 3 portfolio standard deviation calculation on keyboard will take forever compared with writing it. It just seems like they should let everyone know what will be expected on the answers in this new format. Has anyone heard anything about this?

I would expect that CFAI will let you scan your written responses. Assuming your exam requires it, a slim scanner should be available for use right next to your monitor.

Even I am curious… However, I don’t rule out the possibility of stylus or a pen tablet

I read on the CFA website that you only need to select the right answer. Just to earn you extra credit in case your answers wrong, you can show the working.

Select the right answer? That would be like the item set questions then. Not structured response.

Or type the correct numerical answer.