Essay Question dilemma - where to stop ?

Some of my answers to the essay questions in the mock exams are either too long or too short… Any tip on when to stop (or write more?) is the space alloted a hint on the size of answer expected ? which one would you err on ? giving lengthy answers or brief answers ?

It has to be short and to the point. Look at guidline answers in CFAI old tests

How about a question asks for the most important behaviour bias and the answer has multiple behaviour bias. Do we need to mention ONE or as many important ones we can find?

I’ve been told from a collegue that marks the exams that they will only read the first point and if you list more than they ignore it. For example, if you were asked to list 3 things, they’ll mark the first 3 things you write about and won’t consider if you wrote 4 or 5 items. In this case, they’ll mark the first behaviour you discussion.

one thing i get confused about is- say we have to choose from the given 3/4 options… i choose option 2… do i just give statements suppporting 2 or/and statements as to why the other choices are not viable… schweser is wonderfully inconsistent with this.