Essay questions coverage

I am wondering exactly which sessions are tested for the essay questions.

Is it all sessions except the Ethics sessions? or does it cover Ethics too?

Ethics hasn’t been tested in the AM session for at least the past 10 years. GIPS may have been spattered in here and there, but it’s usually tested in the afternoon as well from what I understand. It’s worth noting though that over the past 10 exams, Individual and Institutional Portfolio Management together has accounted for roughly 40% of the total AM points available. If you add in Behavioral Finance which relates closely to those two topics, it’s closer to 50%.

So on average over the past 10 years, almost half of the total AM points available have come from one book (Volume 2).

Private Wealth + Behavioral Finance 14.86% 3.75% Fixed Income 5.42% 6.25% Risk Management and Derivatives 4.65% 6.25% Ethics 0% 10% Economic Analysis 4.65% 5% Institutional Investors 7.99% 1.25% Equity 3.68% 3.75% Alternative Investment 1.39% 5.0% Asset Allocation 2.99% 2.5% Performance Evaluation 2.15% 2.5% Trading, Monotoring and Rebalancing 2.22% 1.25% GIPS 0% 2.5%

Top is average of morning total from 2013-16, bottom in afternoon


the question is, can we use past records to predict future?

Yep. Now will be something completely different.

Of course we can!!! #Conservatism #StatusQuo #Anchoring


i rather don`t believe a post by a CFA II candidate regarding CFA III exam structure, or did u wrote your status by mistake @YoungMan24