Essay questions - length of answers

Dear all, It has been discussed on many different topics but I still don’t get it. Advices are to answer questions in bullet points…but in the guided answers it’s all made of full length sentences…I start to freak out because a little confused. If they state: “Provide two reasons for X” e.g. one of them is “IR will rise” --> Is that sufficient to put it that way or we have to write: “Because IR will rise, then blablabla and impact is blablabla…” Pfff…almost done but the worst is to come :-s Thanks for your precious help Paul PS: Good luck to everyone!

When taking the Schweser Practice exams I stuck to short to the point bulleted answers and my scores were solid. As I’ve completed the past CFA exams, I’ve noticed my answer length has increased to keep up with the sample answer. Also, they do not provide a scoring key, so I feel as if I need to write more to cover multiple topics. Over the next week I’m going to make it a point to stick to short and to the point answers. Otherwise, time becomes a huge issue. Do you guys write complete sentences or just list a straightforward answer? I have a habit of always writing complete sentences ie - The Mariana’s ability to take risk is below average as depicted by… When I should be writing like this: Large inheritance increases ability to take risk.

occasionally you will see for example; identify 2 reasons and give one reason each (6marks)? 6 marks for 4 points - thats when i know that the reason needs to go that extra distance and use a ‘therefore’ or ‘this is because’ I dont think CFAI care about how you write but they do give some give hints/tips Use short phrases and bullet points Points are awarded for direct answers Do not spend too much time writing an answer

Wow, that cfa website link answers the question of length and format directly. Ive started threads on this topic myself and no one has pointed out that the institute gives actual guidance gere. So hard to find anything on that ridiculous maze of a website. Incomplete sentences and bullets are the way to go