Essay Questions: Level 3 Re-takers

Can you provide examples of some of the possible Essay questions? I realize that there will almost certainly be a series of questions regarding IPS. However, what other questions could they/did they ask and what areas (econ, fixed income, alternative investments, etc.) are likely candidates for essay questions. Any help on this is appreciated!

Not a retaker, but this should help you:

^oh, bankin’ beat me to it.

I did see these, thanks for pointing that out. I was also hoping for little extra edge that AF contributors could provide.

If you can nail (70 and above) the two BIG IPS questions in the morning session – Individual and Institutional your chances of passing Level III increase incredibly. Study Session 4 and 5 are crucial. Know this cold. Don’t worry too much about writing a lot. Short, bullet points should be fine.

great comment sid, thanks from all of us L3 rookies

I think i screwed up by writing too much for the 1st individual IPS question . I think I might’ve got carried away …i did score above 70% on that Q but the time I lost I think was crucial in my not passing . I tired to compensate by rushing through the rest of the morning section but clearly that did not work . Its really hard to write just the right amount , that is something I will focus on more this time around .

how the hell do you get all that done in one morning session