Essay questions; time per question

Anyone know roughly how much time you have per Essay question? 2-3min?

I was thinking this myself. CAIA official study guide says that there are three essays…making it 30 minutes per essay. I guess one essay may consist of several questions.

Assuming you type at an average speed, time isn’t a factor with the essays. The real problem is being able to understand what they’re looking for and having the answer. All LOs are fair game and there won’t be any clues to spark your memory banks. It’s pretty hectic…

I’m doing the 6 Essay management excercises on Schweser, looks like around 3 minutes per individual question (one section may have 3-4 questions). I guess the answer should not be that long, just need to hit those key words probably.

The answers aren’t that long at all. I think candidates run the risk of tripping over themselves by typing too much. The essay portion is kind of hit or miss. Hopefully you’re asked questions that you’ve focused on.