Essay Scoring

Does anyone know how the essay scoring works? If it’s a 12 point question, with 3 circles and 1 short answer for each circle (so 3 short answers total) and you get one short answer wrong, is that -12 (whole thing)? Or is it -2 (sx things to answer and you missed 1). Or is it something else?

Also, on a 4 point calculation question I missed one term in a formula making my calc slightly off. Is that -4, or do I get some credit?

Your first question: no you only lose the marks for the one you got wrong second question: you probably get a few marks, though I tend to err on the conservative side and might only give myself 1 point.

schweser practise exams for morning exams give some guidance on how to evaluate your tests. i believe that should be somewjat in line with actual cfa grading process.