Essay Section tips

I was wondering if anyone had any essay section tips? Am I the only one who’s found it hard to grade your own essay answers? Here are some basics Q’s: 1) Does anyone know if they will deduct points if you write too much or write extra information? 2) If it asks for one reason but you list two will they only grade the first one? Will they penalize you for writing two? Anyone have any advice? One item of helpful info I found out is that I have verified that you can write the essay section in pencil. I for one am gonna do pencil, because I like erasing and rewriting instead of having to scratch stuff out in pen, feel it it easier to read and therefore easier to grade.

My advice to everyone, BULLET POINTS. You won’t see complete sentences on my paper unless absolutely necessary.

I agree with bullet points. What if you guys see something you pretty much don’t know, should you try to BS in hopes of getting points or do you think that’ll piss off the grader.

I think the grader will already be pissed off considering the number of papers he has to wade through… i’ll take my chances and write anything remotely related to the topic … one mark out of six is better than zero.

Why would one volunteer to be a grader? And if one was to volunteer wouldn’t one have the desire to reduce the number of Charter holders to make himself more valuable?

are they paid well ?

i don’t think they are being paid

Question number 2 if they ask for 3 reasons why something is something and you give them 4, they will only grade the first 3!!! they won’t look at the fourth one. so my advise is make sure that the 3 you listed are the ones that you are sure of…

CFAIII here is an easy solution for ur questions and worries. how about not writing additional info or additional reasons?

If the question says give one reason and I give two and the second is wrong, will that compromise the first (correct) answer? That situation came up a lot yesterday (was my first practice exam).

HI Frds, I wish to know where exactly it is mentioned that pencil is permitted to write Essay section answers. Thanks for your guidance.

  1. bring pencils and pens to hedge yourself 2. bring a large eraser so you don’t rely on the back of the pencil eraser

I thought you’ve to bring pencils for the afternoon session; and I’ve read somewhere specifically asked to bring pens (black or blue) for the essay part. Are you sure about freedom to use pencil in morning session?

I would imagine they’d accept pencil for the morning part because the reality is you may want to erase something you’ve written etc…

one tip I’ve heard is that in your calculations, you circle your answers to tell the marker “this is where you should be checking”. - sticky

I like that idea sticky… circling the answers… good tip.

bump… any other tips?

Underlining important information in the question such as liquidity requirements, time horizons, unique circumstances so that you won’t forget about them.