Essay / short answer grading

Does anyone know or have any guesses as to how CFA institute grades the essay or the short answer portion of the Level 3 exam? Specifically, I am wondering if the question asks you to list 3 things, whether writing down 4 things for which 3 of them are correct but one of them is wrong would count against you. Any guesses?

They will only grade the first three. For a better idea look at the schweser exams.

Remember that it is You being tested, not CFAI. If you give 4 points when questions ask for 3, how do you expect them to grade? pick the 3 correct ones out of 5? so you are testing the graders? or pick the last 3 ? If they let you make the rules today, how you going to do it?

Isn’t that written somewhere at the beginning of the exam? (that if they asked 3 and you provide 4 only the first 3 will be graded)