Essay Writing workshop recs for L3


Does anyone have any recommendations for good Essay writing workshops with prep providers? (other than Chalk and Board and Kaplan) Thanks!


It is not really essay. It is just short answer questions.

I need it too

I don’t hold workshops, but I do provide mock exam marking.

Many candidates have said that their session with me was the single most important factor in passing the Level III exam.

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ok thanks


I’m also interested on the subject as I suspect I failed L3 due to improper morning session preparation.

@S2000magician: may I PM you for information on your marking services?

EDIT: found your website, thanks


I won’t recommend anyone here.
But can share how it can help.

-These are constructive response questions,and do not expect you to write too much.

  • Broken sentences are fine,and no one is looking at grammar
  • The examiners might be harsh if you do not come up with the key ideas/ keywords in justification questions So recall what the related LOS wanted you to know.
  • If you have to select an option and justify ,they may not read your justification,if you select a wrong answer,and you might get zero
  • length: Even one liners can fetch you full marks,if your answer covers all the relevant keywords related to the LOS.

-The easiest to score are questions that require you to calculate,get these right.

  • Don’t fall for “partial credits” trap, writing just anything doesn’t get you marks.Writing “the thing” does



@Bill,I didn’t want that smiley from you.I know you are just too good in your clarity of concepts,and you always help people here,and I especially love the way you congratulate each passing candidate here.
Am sure your grading service would be great, too.
But to recommend that I should have first hand experience,or at least know someone closely,who used it and is vouching for that.
So avoided the temptation to recommend you or anyone else.
Hope that’s fine with you.

Of course it’s fine.

I was just messing with you.

(I do appreciate your integrity.)

Thanks, Bill.