Establishing an Information Barrier

This is a question from Examwise Vol.2 Ethical and Professional Standard Q30. The answer is given in the book as B. However, I think this is incorrect. Can someone confirm? Which one of the following requirements is least likely to help to ensure the establishment of an information barrier (fire wall)? A: Physically separating departments and their files. B: Monitor employees working for more than one department at any one time. C: Limit proprietary trading when a firm has access to material nonpublic information.


Did they give a reason with their answer? Maybe they recommend employees don’t work in more than one department at a time to eliminate potential conflicts (although this doesn’t seem too practical).

i have seen something similar where employee monitoring is considered weak relative to physical separation

This question is pretty easy, not sure what’s confusing about it Choice A is practically word for word in the curriculum, and prevents people from using the same printers and overhearing phone calls/convs etc Choice C eliminates trading conflicts Choice B is only says “monitoring” which doesn’t do anything by itself. easy.