Estate Planning Appendix B (Reading 16)

I constantly read about references to “Appendix B” in reading 16 Estate Planning, it seems to be a listof countries and their tax treatments. I cannot find this appendix though, the only appendices in the CFAI Port Mgmt book are for readings 19 and 21. Has anyone else found Appendix B?

This is on the main page of the CFAI… Candidate Resources. Believe this is what you are looking for.

Oh snap, are you back CP? Would love to have your help as I’m studying for L3!!!

I am still on for Level II though… I failed with a Band 9.


It doesn’t even matter man! Glad to see you persevering. You are going to knock it out this year!!!

Hi, I read about Appendix B as well, but couldn’t find it, even from the link above (I believe it’s broken). Does anyone know where can I find this appendix?

Found it.

I don’t want to go through this document . Is it optional to read?

definitely optional. only read if time left