Estimated number of wrong answers

Yeah AM and PM have the same weightage. I don’t think I will get more than 40 wrong. I am all ready to start with LII over christmas :slight_smile:

I had calculated about 60 wrong in total in June… I failed with band 7. Speaking from experience unless you’re absolutely sure DON’T assume you passed, it’s always nicer to be suprised with good news than be heart broken with bad.

badem…you are right about staying pessimistic. It is the prudent way to go. Somebody at work asked me if Im going to pass, and I said ‘I think I will’ and i immediately pictured myself on 27th Jan 2010, finding out i bombed the test.

From reading Into Our 5th decade PDF by the CFA I got an impression that each question was kinda weighted and the scores can be weighted average and the CFA committee decides what the minimum passing score should be for each exam. I just need more clarity abt. the methodology. Are there weights for a question?

No weights for each question. The minimum passing score is indeed set by the CFA committee. There is an ethics adjustment. If you are borderline, the adjustment can take you over or bring you under.

@ beatthecfa… Please tell what is the borderline? Again how is the adj. done …bring you under and over…sounds much like a bond duration…please explain… Is there a specific sectional passing crit. for Ethics because I never read abt it in the CFA website or materials.

I harped on and on on this forum in the weeks leading up to the exam about how important ethics is. The ethics adjustment is a FACT. I was at the society leaders’ conference in October and the head of CFA Institute curriculum development told us about it. There is no such thing as an established borderline. The minimum passing score is determined by the CFA committee, and it is NOT curved. Once the MPS is determined, there is an ethics adjustment. If you do well on Ethics, and you are just below the MPS, they bump you over. However, if you do poorly on Ethics and are just above or on the MPS, they may push you down.

@coola2l CFAI set minimum passing score if your score are in the minimum borderline, then your Ethics score will help you if your Ethics score are good, you’ll pass but if your Ethics aren’t good, you’ll fail but this only apply if your score are in borderline if your Ethics sucks, but your overall score still above minimum passing rate, then you’ll pass.