Estimated number of wrong answers

I circled the number of answers i wasn’t 100% sure about on the exam. I counted a total of 60. I feel like the other 180 were pretty easy. Assuming that I got all of the 60 wrong. That would translate into a score of 75%. Anyone else do this?

nope, used all my extra time reviewing the questions you know, doing things actually CONSTRUCTIVE

I circled 60ish too

60ish iffy answers should have you sail through! Ghazoo… you were on top of your stuff anyway… relax pal!

Hm, I felt that the AM session was pretty easy and I circled about 10 quesitons that I was unsure about (but with me you’ve got to assume that I made some silly stupid mistakes on the easy questions since I ususally end up working too fast). The PM was much harder and I left with about 20 questions circled as “unsure” - assuming that I got all of these wrong and taking into account my tendency to bust easy questions because I overlook something, I should still have no more than 50 wrong, which would be a comfortable pass. But with the CFA you just never know… Funnily, on both the AM and the PM I didn’t know the answer to the first question…great start that was! :frowning:

hahaha. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Actually, what I did was circle questions while I was writing the exam to come back to if I had time to review. So when I had like 1 minute left I went back to count circles.

I had around 20 in the AM, 40 PM.

I had like 8-10 in AM and like 30-35 in PM session. But really speaking i feel the cut-off is going to be higher this time with so many confident guys at Mumbai Centre. Also, Can anyone tell me if the cutoffs are regional in nature/country specifc or is it worldwide same cutoff for everyone.

roughly 60

anu21v Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Also, Can anyone tell me if the cutoffs are > regional in nature/country specifc or is it > worldwide same cutoff for everyone. Worldwide I believe… should not matter where you take the exam? Anyway, for myself, there were maybe 60 questions I was unsure of (30 in the AM, didn’t have time to count in the PM) but i was definitely feeling pretty tired halfway through the PM session This is my 2nd attempt and i actually feel less prepared this time around, as I’ve just started working a couple months ago and haven’t really figured out how to cope with both working and studying. It scares me that last year I walked out of L1 feeling “okay” but not overly confident of passing. I ended up failing Band 10. If the passing score was about 70%, that means I got at least 72 questions wrong (or 60 for 75%). Since i don’t feel that great about this year’s, it’s likely i’ll do worse. Sigh…

about 10 in AM and 20 in PM so 30 total Feeling good about the exam so far.

Yeah, I circled everything that I wasn’t sure about or the ones I knew were a guess. I dont want to believe that my estimates are close to what my actual score may be, just in case. I am banking on the fact that there is a 1/3 chance of getting my guesses marked as correct answers.

I had been marking anything that I was unsure about in almost of all the practice exams and was generally getting 70% + on all of the practice stuff I did (Volume 1 of Schweser, all CFA samples, CFA mock, and 2.5 tests of Schweser Volume 2). So I took the same approach on the actual exam and made small dots next to the answers that I wasn’t totally sure about in order to keep track of my percentage correct. The first half I estimate that I was pretty close to 70%. The second half it didn’t really work because I was so time constrained that I just stopped worrying about putting the dots because I wasn’t sure I’d have enough time to erase them. But anyway, I estimate that I missed 50 questions or so on the second half of the exam. So I went back to look at my old practice exams in order to see how the percentages stacked up. I typically only missed half of the questions that I marked on the exam, but I typically was getting 15% wrong that I didn’t mark at all. So when I applied those percentages to my own estimates I come to a number slightly less than 70%. I’m worried.

I did the exact same thing KSTHANE. I found that I get 60% of my unsure questions and 90-95% of the ones I know I got right. I used 50% and 85% to be conservative and that gave me an expected score in the low 70’s.

I guess I couldn’t do worse than 80% in AM but for PM… 60-70% is my estimate…

That means you should pass icemaker

I circled about 30 in AM and 35 in PM, but I’m banking on getting 50% of those right because I could almost always get it down to 2 choices and I circled some that I wasn’t positive on but pretty sure of. I’m thinking I should do 90-95% on the uncircled ones since I went back and checked for “least likely” mix-ups that killed me on mocks and samples. That should have me comfortably passing, but I’m still not feeling that confident.

I looked up the historical passing rates for CFA Level 1 and found something interesting… Since 2003, there are 2 pass rates for each year i.e. they started offerring the exam twice a year. If you look at the pass rates they are almost the same for both exams in each year. For example in 2008, the pass rates were both 35%. Here’s the good news…the pass rate was 46% in June 2010. Therefore, I think there may be a high probability that the pass rate will be around this number for the december exam. So all of us that think we may be in the 70-80% range of correct answers should pass!

do you know if AM and PM have the same weightage?

I think your sample size is too small for an effective conclusion