Estimated Percentage Correct?

I had SO many 50-50 guesses, that I imagine I can’t get much higher than that…

I had a bunch of questions that reduced to 50/50 too. There were many of those two-in-one questions, where you get Statement 1 and Statement 2, and your four answers are the four combinations of whether each is True or False. In most of those questions I could easily know the answer to one of the statements, but the other sometimes had to be educated guessing. Sometimes uneducated guessing. I was secretly hoping CFAI would keep track of these questions, and give a half-point if you happen to get the wrong answer but one that corresponds with the other statement that you got right :slight_smile:

same here. That’s why I firmly believe I have to re-take the exam in June

agreed with you guys. for me it felt like i would get it down to two, then i’d be 75% one answer and 25% the other. so who knows?

I totally agree. Those two part questions killed me…takeover defense…etc I remember seeing something about the most important thing to consider about adding assets to a portfolio and I’m like…hell yeah! I know this…it’s the correlation of returns of the asset with the assets in the portfolio…point for me! Then the multiple choice has something along the lines of the correlation between the asset and an asset of average risk. I’m like…ummm what…half right. Then the next choice says something like…the covariance between the return on the asset and the returns on the assets in the portfolio. So I attempted to take the first half of statement C and the second half of statement D and piece together what should be the correct answer…but I couldn’t find c/d on the answer sheet and made an educated guess.

yea i rem that question too, im pretty sure the answer was about the covariance, coz it referred to the asset’s covariance with ALL the current assets in the portfolio, whereas c) only mentioned correlation with the average return of all those assets.

yeah but so many times I had the answer in my head instantly after reading the question and the answer either wasn’t worded as I learned it or it required a second answer which I was unsure about.