Estimating Beta and Determining a Project Beta

I am wondering if this topic (Project beta, levered/unlevered, etc - P56 CFAI #4) is covered on the exam. The reason I ask is because I see no mention of it in the LOS and it is not mentioned at all in the 2008 Schweser notes, however in CFAI notes there are 7 pages covering the topic and there is a significant amount of practice questions using tools from that section. This is the only section that I am having trouble with in Corp. Finance and I am wondering if anyone here knows whether or not it is tested on the exam. Thank you

I have some question for this part.

if its not a part of the LOS, it will not be tested and therefore, schweser did not include it. The reason why its exists in CFAI notes is because they have copied their material word to word from other texts. how unprofessional for an organization that claims to be so highly professional. they couldnt even come up with their own notes!

I don’t recall this topic covered as you present it above, but I think that the calculation of any beta is necessary to understand inside and out. As stated above, if not in the LOS, I would not worry about it, and if there is a question on it, it will only be one or two. Seeing as there are over 200 questions, I think you’ll be safe.

Calculating a project beta? Maybe estimating one, but beyond the scope of the exam (although maybe they could do some CAPM question that gives you an estimate).