ethic: CFA logo on business letterhead

can we use CFA logo on business letterhead? I assume no…


yes you can as long as it is not company letterhead. if it is individual company letterhead you can use the cfa logo and you can put it on your businesscard, too

p 109 the CFA logo is a certification mark intended to identify individual charterholders and must not be incorporated into a company name it would only be appropriate to use the CFA logo on the business card or letterhead of each individual CFA charterholder

c^^Correct. I thought he was referring to company letterhead and placing the CFA logo next to the company name, which is not allowed (pg. 109 example 4). You can use the CFA logo on the business card or letterhead for each individual CFA charterholder.

It’s not a logo…it’s an acronym…isn’t it?

What about … can you be a “Level III CFA Candidate”? worded precisely as above?

what’s wrong with Level III CFA Candidate?

I’m hoping and praying that I’m going to be a Level III CFA Candidate in a few months. The second year of this awful Level 2 is enough for me. Epitome of evil = LOS 25.f: “discuss how management can cook the books and describe everything you could possibly do as an analyst to reconstruct the financial statements from scratch”