ethic level 2 Vs Level 1

what are the main differences between level1 and level 2 ethics ??

in terms of the topics covered… L1 has Gips, L2 doesn’t. L2 has Research objectivity standards and the soft dollar commission codes/standards…

And harder questions as well (from my understanding)…

Questions were a bit harder, i’d defintely know the code of ethics and the standards as well as you should have for level 1. know the key points from the ROS and Soft dollar commissions. I cannot recall what the questions were, but i know there were specific ones dealing with ROS, not sure about soft dollars. of course, they are not going to ask you a question about the three cases that you are supposed to know.

In L2 they seem to have case studies(or item sets, if you call them) too and I am reading them now. They appear to be very tricky. Atleast one that I read, I realized that I have to remember the exact statement to answer.

I fluked level II ethics and I was getting 40 out of 40 in the practice questions and maxed it out in level I. You have to practice the vinyettes and know all the stuff in addtion to the VII standards.

Level I basically covered everything. 1 of the 2 vignettes from the 6/08 Level II exam was not from the code and standards but rather from the research objectivity standards reading. So don’t overlook the shorter readings, they may well be worth just as much as the code and standards.