ethic question

A CFA Institute member is also a member and the portfolio manager of an environmentalist group. In its charter, the environmentalist group lists a group of companies its members should boycott. The CFA Institute member would violate Standard I(A) concerning obeying all rules and regulations if the member: A) buys, for personal use, a product made by a boycotted firm. B) purchases stock of a boycotted firm for the group’s portfolio. C) actively protests against a publicly traded firm boycotted by the group. D) performs any of the activities listed here. What is the correct answer according to you? And why? Thanks for sharing.

B? Your only bounded by the rules within the charter…and anything personal is up to you

B looks good.

The charter says boycott from what? Buying for the portfolio, or buying for general use? Then A and B would be true.

c is most likely wrong --> D is wrong So it’s A or B. B is hurts the charter. And A is like immatic says, a personal thing. --> Choose B.

Answer is B “a” would fall under the same thinging as the charter’s allowance for civil disobedience. Personal life issues that do not reflect negatively on the program or investment profession are allowed.


B. I think A is a bit extreme.