ethic!!! T_T

just dont get this one… Mr Dump,CFA, filed for personal bankruptcy 2 yrs ago after incurring large medical expenses. He was hired recently as a portfolio manger. According to the CFA institute Standards, must Mr Dump disclose his bankruptcy filling to his new employer? a. No b.Yes, because he has a duty of loyalty to his employer. c. Yes, because bankruptcy represents a potential conflict of interest d. Yes, because bankruptcy reflects poorly on his conduct of character.

A. No. Personal bankruptcy is not a problem.

I thought so too. A for me. Mr Dump, hahahahahahaha,868359,868390

yup, thats what i thought at first…especially when personal bankruptcy is caused by large medical expenses rather than " investment failure"…So, A sounds rite to me. however, the correct answer was C… that makes me sad,863881,863881#msg-863881 Conflicting links, this one, and the one i posted prior to this. I guess bankruptcy does represent a potential conflict of interest.