Ethical Codes and Standards

Could anyone confirm that questions on the ethical codes/standards will not ask us to identify a particular standard? For example, will we need to identify if a particular situation is a breach of II(A)? Thanks!

confirm you are expected to know the standards, not memorize numbers and letters.

Thanks Maratikus, will we need to know that one of them is “professionalism”, for example, or will we just need to know what that entails?

…did Advisor A violtate the standard pertaining to Suitability Misrepresentation A. Yes Yes B. Yes No C. No Yes D. No No That’s basically what you will be up against.

you need to know the standards well. budfox427 gave a good example.

Quick question relating to Ethics and standards. Is it me or are there more optional reading this time for 2008 than for 2007?