ethical problem---schweser V1 Page 50, first afternoon Q7

Schweser V1 page 50 first afternoon exam Q7, klein purchase fund for his own, and he didn’t disclose this, why answer says he didn’t violate standard?

Q9, klein believe base material will have higher performance, so he notice clients to change the mandate and charge a discount of redemption fee. I would like to know is it a practice that no fee should be charged if mandate is changed because portfolio manager change the strategy? Also is it a good practice when manager simply “believe” without full research can change the mandate for all the clients?

Q10, Klein shares the info on fund holding with analyst and ask schwatz to be cognizant of his holding, they only have intention but didn’t manipulate market yet, why answer choose manipulation, I choose confidentiality is comprised, how about your opinion?

Q12 the HR manager has background in safety, how can she be elected to compliance manager? if question says a waiter or receptionist is promoted to compliance officer, should I choose violate standards?