Ethics #2

Analyst John Studd writes an IPS for his new client. After discovering risk appropriateness and constraints—follows up with the client, discusses capital market expectations and recommends a particular asset allocation. Where should the asset allocation be placed? directly in the IPS, appendix to IPS, separate document, or anywhere.

big john stud? most of you guys are too young for that, i bet… separate document?

I think I remember from L2 that it was appendix.

i’m an old school wrestling fan cfasf1…

separate document. investment strategy is not part of IPS, if I remember correctly.

lol. you must be. that’s really old school, man.

Need a constraint that he has to carry $15,000 in cash reserves in case someone body slams him. Besides that good question. I would think separate doc, just based on RRTTLLU.

separate document

I vote separate doc.

this one caught me by surprise----anywhere (meaning any of the three options i listed first—apologize for the somewhat poorly worded question) CFA 1 pg. 61