ETHICS 2011 VS 2010

For Re-takers ::: , Did you notice the difference in ethics between 2010 and 2011, I found that the number of pages for SS1 on 2011 is much more than 2010, also some sections that were marked as optional reading in 2010 , is now mandatory in 2011. Did u notice any other difference !!! please help… Thanks


wow, please do tell me which optional becomes mandatory!!

Accrue equity dividends from Ex-dividend date

The first few pages of SS1 that were marked as optional Is now mandatory , Did u find any other variances ???


reading back my own post, this is Ethics not GIPS…anyways…guys, Ethics by its nature doesn’t change all that much, does it? Also did you see the CFAI errata, that have an addendum…really fringe material for AMC though.

I think the change in size of SS1 is purely that the examples have been bulked up this year. I notice that there is one example that appears to have it’s roots in this forum. o_O

What is that addendum you r talking about ???

I was refering to the Errata from CFAI “New provisions with 2nd Edition of AMC” But seriously, I don’t think it warrants anybody’s time at this hour.