Ethics-3A -Presevation of Confidentiality question

on pg 67 CFAI texts, they say if APPLICABLE LAW requires members to maintain confidentiality they should EVEN if client is doing something illegal. Huh? I thought we have to comply with the MORE strict law…which would be CFAI Standards. This would entail not maintaining confidentiality and reporting it. Could someone please clear this up?

Whoops! typo in the subject line…meant 3 E !!!

First of all, if the law and CFAI standards conflict, you go with the law. CFAI will never have you do anything blatantly illegal. Secondly, CFAI does not require to to report a client doing something illegal UNLESS required by law. They say it is often recommended and prudent to do so, but not required (unless the law says you have to).

If the client is doing something illegal, then you should report it. It says UNLESS

The client confidentiality ruling requiring them to not report confidential information, even if it is illegal, is the more strict rule, so it trumps the handbook in this case.

Agree with job71188, CFA will not have you go do something illegal . The follow-the-more-strict-law only applies if it doesn’t go against the local law like… local law allows non-public material information trading. You won’t break any laws if don’t do non-public material info trading so you follow the stricter CFA law of not acting on non-public material information.

hmm i get that CFA doesnt want you to report anything UNLESS it’s illegal. CFAI say… " M & C must comply with applicable law…if applicable law requires m&c to maintain confidentiality, even if the information concerns illegal activities on the part of the client, m&c should not disclose such information" pg 67.2nd paragraph of 3E. Can someone please clear this up? Which is the more strict law in this case? In my understanding it would be CFAI since applicable law allows client to continue illegal activity therefore losing integrity of capital markets .

It will be the applicable law. In a more… intuitive reasoning. CFA institute is just an organization recognized by the investment community and holds no regulatory power. The Institute will have no say in legal matters and will not be able to over-rule any legal action sanctioned by the government. Therefore the CFA Institute will not be asking you be break any laws. Only abide by the stricter rule if no laws are being broken. And abide by the law at all times (hence the “Knowledge of the Law” Standard).