Ethics-A Nightmare

Please can somebody help me in This Ethics module its completely dry and i am trying to mug up but all is getting mixed up.Looks like my money is gonna get wasted.Any trick , studyguide or online course(for this module only).

I have not touched it till now ,just gone through curriculum n its so boring.DO YOU THINK ENOUGH TIME IS LEFT TO COMPLETE IT NOW? I have also heard irrespective of your score in other section ,in Ethics you have to score above 70% .Is it true?

Thanks in advance.

Reading it all only takes a few hrs so do it now! The key to Ethics is question practice, over and over again!

Make sure you do all the Qbank ethics questions and if you’re consistently getting something wrong then try and think; why? what is it that I don’t know? and then right down that rule somewhere in your notes…keep that rule with you until exam day.

Practice the questions again and again! There are c400 in Qbank and another 300 across all the mock exams.

You do not need 70% + in Ethics to pass. Infact you can sttill get 0 marks in Ethics and pass L1. But Ethics is very easy points, and it can be a game changer if you’re borderline pass/fail due to the Ethics adjustment.

Just read it. Ethics is really simple and straightforward–especially at Level 1.

Read and answer questions. Then read again. Then answer questions again.

Eventually you’ll start to understand it.

Ethics is the easy part. Get to it and earn yourself points!

What pokhim and Greenman72 are saying. When you start going through problems, you will see how the material can help you answer them.

You don’t need to score above 70% on Ethics. There’s speculation that if you are borderline, they will use Ethics as a “tiebreaker” so to speak. I haven’t seen anything from the Institute on that.

The material is tough but important. Most readings will see maybe a couple questions on exam day. For ethics, you will get about 1 question for every 4 pages (almost 1 question for every Standard).

Thank you guys,your kind words are much appreciated .It is big relief to know that Ethics is not that critical as i was afraid of.Thanks again will try to give my best shot.

do the questions in the cfai book and q bank

At least twice.

So far I have scored over 70% in ethics when doing mocks exams and qbank questions. Still need to practice more to get stable results. Here is how I dealed with this. Every night, starting from mid Sept, before going to bed, I read 8-10 pages, no more. I read guidance and theorical stuffs in Schweser notes first and switched to examples in the CFA curriculum because those in the note are somehow too condensed. I practiced with 180 ethics qbank questions per week (60 questions/night) and reviewed mistakes in weekends. I find that ethics questions are “variable” so it’d better learn from examples and questions than just read the book.

Ethics for some is great headache and for some it is Cake walk. My take on this is take each question as a unique case and try to understand the situation and then decide what you would have done in that situation or what you think is right or should be done. If you do this with honesty, 8 out of 10 times you will be right. Just go through this section and try this once. I am sure, you will do well.