Ethics - Accepting job offers and gifts - the final thread

Hopefully we can put a stop to the ambiguity of standards involving these situations. I’ve used the search function and have all my books in front of me. 1) Accept a second job offer or a position on a board of directors. Either one is expected to take up substantial amount of time and/or compete with employer. Benefits may or may not be involved. “Competes” with employer, so must get written permission from ALL parties involved. 2) Accepts a second job offer that’s unrelated to current job, not straining (i.e. working at homeless shelter on weekends, gets free pizza for it or is paid) Do not need to disclose to employer. 3) Accept a gift based on past performance from a client Only disclosure to boss is needed. 4) Accept a gift based on future performance from a client Could be a conflict of interest (disadvantage other clients), so must get permission from ALL parties involved. 5) Additional compensation from activities not conflicting with employer (i.e. charity work) No need for disclosure Please feel free to rip these apart. I have checked them thoroughly and believe them to be 100% correct. Hope this helps someone!

  1. agree 2) agree 3) agree 4) I dont think you can accept this even if you get permission. Unless its like a small token like… an ashtray or a plastic award plaque… but then even if that may influence your objectivity then I think its a no no even with permission. 5) agree