Ethics adjustment in level 3?

Ethics adjustment in level 3?

Can a borderline candidate pass L3 just because he scored 100 percent in ethics, is ethics adjustment possible in level 3?

Nobody knows… I scored below 50 in Ethics and Passed… it depends where you stand, they look at the overall performance across the exam

If you are a smart person and you normally score high, Ethics are there to bring your score down and make you fail.

this is the adjustment

i failed ethics in L1 and still passed. im not convinced of this ethics adjustment


How many marks you need in Ethics to qualify for Ethics adjustment ? 50-70% ? > 70% ? 100% ?

Yes :slight_smile:

how do you expect anyone would ever know this even if there was an ethics adjustment?

I was told by the experienced charterholders that Ethics adjustment can come last if the candidate is short of 2 or 3 points from the MPS…

To conclude if your overall performance is strong, and I have seen the result threads 2012-14 throughout there are passes with Ethics less than 50%

So hold your breath and don’t really count for the adjustment… count on your solid knowledge of the key areas of the syllabus which give you the higher weight in the exam and Ethics is one of them…

Will it work for folks this time ?

For those who did not “accidently” check the results it will.

Remember, the Ethics adjustment works both ways – i.e. if you were just above the MPS and fail Ethics, they will bump you down to a fail.

It anyone scores 100% in ethics they should be awarded a medal of honor.

very unlikely.

What’s the point of having an MPS if people who are below the MPS can still pass?

The general consensus is that Ethics was ridiculously hard this year, so that doesn’t give much hope for an ethics bump.

Ethics Adjustment only applies if you are borderline fail/pass. Most of the time, it has a positive impact ( passing marginal fails as opposed to failing marginal passes)

jeez stop worrying about it it’s not gonna change the outcome.

All speculation, better get back to deciphering the error messages.

Speculations on how did we do on the sick Ethics questions is harder than deciphering any code. Ethics is Affirmative Action against the smart and direct.