Ethics again! @#!

John Doel, CFA, develops a complex quantitative model for selecting mortgage bonds. Doel is careful to document in writing all assumptions in the model and his reasoning for the assumptions. Another firm offers Doel a position leading the startup of a mortgage bond research department. In his new position, Doel creates a similar model and supporting documents. Does Doel violate any CFA Institute Standards? A. No. B. Yes, with respect to record retention. C. Yes, with respect to loyalty to employer. D. Yes, with respect to preservation of confidentiality. Is it A??

A. He’s allowed to bring his brain and all contents in it to the new firm.

A. He can create a new model just cant take/use the info from the old job

thats what I thought… thanks guys! ya’ll rock!

Bump Answer is A, assuming he didn’t bring any copies of the original model from his previous employer.

keyword is “a SIMILAR model”…