Ethics and Bankruptcy

If a CFA member files for bankruptcy and later gets a new job, does he need to disclose his bankruptcy to his new employer?

Bankruptcy has absolutely no ethical implications.

even if you are ethically bankrupt???

If I’m correct, I remember that if the bankruptcy had NO impact on his professional abilities he was NOT in violation for not informing his employer. I just want to confirm.

But what if he went bankrupt as a result of previous unethical practices which lead to his bankruptcy? Does he have to inform his new employer?

Falls concretely in the realm of non-business activity with no bearing on professionalism or any constructs of the Code.

… “Personal bankruptcy may not reflect on the integrity or trustworthiness of the person declaring bankruptcy, but if the circumstances of the bankruptcy involve fraudulent or deceitful business conduct, it may be a violation of this standard.”

thanks, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Is that from CFA text? Again, thanks for the response.