Ethics and GIPS readings for 2008 Exams

Just curious, cause I haven’t registered for the exam yet. When you register for the exam next year (June 2008 or December 2008), are the Ethics and GIPS readings come with other textbooks from CFA? I was just wondering if the ones I found on the following links are the same as what CFA provides. Thanks!!!

The standards of practice handbook is reprinted in the CFAI texts and the parts from GIPS that you need to know should be in the text books as well. So everything you need should be in the official CFAI texts and you won’t need to buy anything else in addition to that.

Thank you for your reply! I’m aiming at Dec '08 exam and like to start studying since next year will be busiest professionally and personally. Since I can’t register for December exam yet, if I like to start studying, I could just read articles on the links? You said the parts from GIPS that I need to know… does that mean I don’t need to read the whole GIPS reading on the link? Thank you again!!!

Or, is this the correct link to the Ethics reading? Thanks!!

If you look through all three, you’ll notice that the first two links have pretty much the exact same content as the third link.

Thank you sean119!