Ethics..Any keywords to look for in the questions?

When it comes to " the least likely" , I am able to eliminate one option easily and then I get stuck between two options. It’s really confusing which one to pick.Both look to be very reasonable till the time I go and look at the right answer crying

Any advice are there some key words to look for in the question?

It seems like answers that are absulutes tend to be wrong. Words like “eliminate”.

read the verbs in the cases carefully such as reviewed rather than used/submitted.

On the bright side, if you eliminate one, you will get a 67% on average by guessing between the remaining two.

Pretty sure thats passing!

violatinf professional conduct statement is breakign 7A or 7B ?

I think it’s 7A …

Can someone please tell me if passing ethics is a must or a plus point?

Getting good marks in ethics will help you pass if you are a few marks below the MPS.

but we d=filte in 7b

Honestly I don’t think there are any particular keywords. Ethics outta believed to help if your score is on the borderline. From previous exam results, there have been reported passes even when they failed ethics. Word of advise if you are planning to review ethics one last time. Pay attention to the standards where the CFAI “recommeds” certain actions rather “requires” certain actions. For example, is it recommended or required for the analyst to pay for her own travel? Or is it required or recommended to report a violation to legal authorities?