Reassurance Requested: According to mis-representation/performance presentation, A PERSON CAN use results from a firm that they have left so long as its disclosed According to record retention, the FIRM CANT use a persons numbers if they have left the firm. *So an individual may use results from a prior employers but the employer may not use results from a non-employee.

What do you mean by “a persons numbers”? His contacts? I thought everything was the property of the company, including contacts.

I am pretty positive, the person can use it. But I am not sure where it says in the record retention. I went back and read the whole record retention and does not say anything like that. I think both are ok

what do you mean by results? record retention has nothing to do with using phone numbers of past employees.

I think he Northeastern means the non-employee’s performance records.

After further reading, actually this comes under performance presentation. 1 and 2 is ok as long as you disclose it