Ethics Audio Book


Can any one please guide if I can get the audio book version of the CFA Standards of Practice Handbook? Since anyways it is just textual I am thinking of using my commute time to listen to it so that I dont have to utilize my normal reading time.


I, too, like to sleep during my commute.

Perhaps CFA Institute should start manufacturing self-driving cars.

As far as I know Uber cars are still driven by very human looking drivers with heartbeats :slight_smile:

If you purchase Mark Meldrum L1, you can download the Ethics Section in MP3 form. I have listened to this through a few times driving, sleepy but at least you’re being productive and Meldrum makes it about as interesting as you can…

I’m only through Quant/Econ and moving through FRA now, but hopefully this listening throughout the year will make my ethics attack simpler…

No matter what format you’d use, Ethics seems easy while studying, but tricky while answering. Master these two tips. One is to think rationally (e.g. you’ve received 50k shares, and are to be distributed among three, it can be done as 17k, 17k, and 16k. It is rational & not considered partial.) The second tip is to check the intention (e.g. a printing mistake by a person bearing no malice doesn’t amount to a violation, unless not editing even after noticing.)

The original curriculum is the ideal study material especially for this subject, and I must also confess that the second reading will get dull, ethics is uninteresting anyways. In fact, the ethics syllabus and examples are ditto same for three levels. You can’t afford to get bored of ethics, here’s why-

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Standard IV A) Loyalty :stuck_out_tongue: