Ethics - Book6 Exam2 PM

just scored 50%!!! some questions/answers are soooo ambiguous, and for alot of them, it comes down to a 50/50 guess!! arrrghggh /rant

i feel you man!..i got 50% on sample exam 3 AM today…not too happy bout that

told you guys that 2PM and 3AM were hard. i’m not even looking at them, lest my confidence gets any lower (its pretty low rite now to begin with)

yeh now i’ve got to try to boost up my mark by doing well in FSA and/or asset val, but i doubt it… =(

ahhhh just got 100% in quant… makes me feel better… but its weird… i find that it REALLY depends on what exact questions come up… like, i get lucky, then i get good marks…but if i get unlucky, then i totally bomb out… only since the curriculum is sooooo big, and its too hard to really know everything

I’m sorry you guys are feeling down about exam scores, but I have to tell you, the fact that I got an 83% on Exam 2pm Ethics makes me think I have a fighting chance at this thing.

2pm questions are pretty ez cept for ethics… FSA and quant are pretty much no brainers. while i still did pretty crappy, this section gave me convidence in these subjects cept ethics.

Bluey, see my post “luck vs. skill…” I completely agree. If they ask the “right” questions, I’m ok… and I’m so careless in making the same mistakes over and over… like using annual yield when it should be semiannual, choosing annual rate when they ask for monthly yield… I hope I will remember on the test… sometimes I just rush through a problem to save time and be careless…

yea, I only got 8 out of 18 ethics questions CORRECT on 2PM…I still managed to get a 71.66% overall but seriously…wtf is going on with ethics?? I have yet to get above 70% on ethics for ANY practice test…atleast FSA is going my way. If this isn’t a confidence boost for any of you who think they are doing miserable in ethics…then I don’t know what is. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

ur not wrong about the other sections being easy… just scored 88% in FSA, so that musta been a really hard ethics section… but i still think that alot of ethics questions can be very subjective…