Ethics - CFA Modesty

****Spoiler - Mock 2**** If someone says “The CFA charter is the highest credential in the global investment management industry.” ---- isn’t that overstating it? I would think that’s a violation. If it was worded for example "The CFA Charter is “one of the highest/” or “highly accredited” in the global management industry…then that seems more reasonable… but to say it is the Highest… violation!!!

I agree with you.,745503,745515#msg-745515

I fell into that trap too

Me too.

But the thing is, I think it IS the highest. I mean, can you think of one that’s higher?

No - but how do we know it?? Maybe there are some standards in Mozambique that are much higher

Didn’t notice any when I was there.

I fell into it as well, but if you open the CFAI text to page 105 in the ethics section, there is something similar at the bottom.

yeah…I was very surprised to see that.

I think this is a violation, the book says " but mus not exaggerate the meaning or implication of membership in the CFA institute" But in other page talk about is ok to say “obtain the highest set of credentials” Confussed to me

You have to think how they think. They believe that they are the Highest credential…(noone can legally dispute it or would care to) They don’t believe that superior returns will be achieved by Charterholders(or at least they won’t state it) When it comes to things like this, you have to think aboaut what they can say without risking a lawsuit(eg…you told me returns would be better than average because of this CFA-thingy you hold!!)