Ethics - CFAI Logo and Business Cards

what’s the rule for the CFAI logo’s use? also, what the guideline on logos / names on business cards ?


you could have probably checked the textbook and posted the answer in those 3 hours

i wish my man. at the office, dun have the CFAI books with me. :frowning:

you can read the soph online, i’m probably gonna look into this later

For one thing, you cannot print it bolder or bigger (read, more prominently) than anything else (eg your name). Also, you can’t include it in your company’s name. That’s what I remember - I’ll check it later.

The CFA Logo is a certification mark intended to identify individual charterholders and must not be incorporated into a company name, confused with a company logo, or placed in such close proximity to a company name or logo as to give the reader the idea that the certification mark certifies the company. It would only be appropriate to use the CFA Logo on the business card or letterhead of each individual CFA charterholder. So from this: Cannot use on Company Letterhead. Can use on individual Letterhead of CFA Charterholder Can use on Business card of CFA Charterholder

John Harris has used this logo on his business card.

That is fine. He is a CFA charterholder, and so he can.

perfecto. thanks much cpk and supersharpshooter.